"Kari Thomas is a wonderful, enthusiastic studio owner who is dedicated to providing top-notch, quality dance education to all her students. She inspires all of her dancers and trains them to not only be well rounded technical dancers, but to have the extra performance edge that captures the attention of the audience! Her dancers perform with their hearts and their love of dance shows whether they are in the classroom or on stage. Dance Elite is a very respected and valued customer of ours and we look forward to working with Kari and her dancers annually. I would highly recommend this studio to dancers and parents who are searching for great dance education in a positive and family-friendly enviroment."
Kari Anderson
Owner/Director Dupree Dance
Kari and I met dancing alongside one another in a grade school Christmas concert. A mutual passion and love of dance was the catalyst that sparked a lasting friendship. Throughout the years, Kari's passion has continued to grow and inspire dancers of all ages. Dance Elite is the culmination of many years of intense training, hard work and the desire to share her love of dance with others. Today, I continue to collaborate with Kari and have had the pleasure of working with many of her students. As a professional dancer, it is rewarding to know and work beside a dance educator who truly has each student's best interest at heart and who is just as excited about dance today as when we met.
Amy Klingler, Radio City Rockette
Dance Elite has been a great environment for my daughter. She has learned the art of dance while building her confidence, self- esteem and learning teamwork. She loves going to dance and I love that DE is developing her artistic talents.
Tiffany, dance parent

Class Schedule

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TimeName of ClassTeacher
4:15-5:00 pm4-5 yr old ballet/ tapKari
5:00-6:00 pm6-8 yr old ballet/tapKari
5:20-6:20 pmBallet TechniqueMegan
6:00-7:00 pmBallet Technique/ Beginner PointeKari
6:20-6:50 pmPointe AMegan
6:30-7:00 pmFlags- Level 1Dani
6:50-7:20 pmPointe B & CMegan
7:00-7:45 pmFlags- Level 2Dani
7:00-7:30 pm3-4 yr old balletKari
7:20-8:00 pmStretch & ConditionMegan
8:00-9:00 pmAdvanced Jazz TechniqueKari
TimeName of ClassTeacher
4:00-4:30 pm3 yr old BalletKari
4:30-5:30 pmBallet Technique- IntermediateKari
5:30-6:30 pmAdvanced ContemporaryBrittany
5:30-6:30 pmJazz & Tap Technique IntermediateKari
5:30-6:15 pmFfit with TiffTiffany
6:30-7:30 pmBallet Technique- Intermediate VIPsKari
6:30-7:15 pmIntermediate ContemporaryBrittany
7:30-8:30 pmJazz Technique- Intermediate VIPsKari
8:00-9:30 pmContemporary TechniqueCarly
TimeName of ClassTeacher
4:00-4:30 pm4-5 yr old balletKari
4:30-5:30 pmballet/ tap age- 8-11Kari
5:30-6:00 pm8- 11 yr old jazzKari
5:30-6:30 pmZumbaJamie Gallegos
6:00-6:45 pmballet/ tap age 4 & 5Kari
6:45-7:30 pmhip hop level 2Kari
7:30-8:30 pmJr High Hip hopCamille
7:30-8:15 pmTap Technique- IntermediateKari
8:15-9:00 pmTap Technique- AdvancedKari
TimeName of ClassTeacher
4:00-4:30 am3 & 4 yr old balletKari
4:30-5:30 pmhip hop level 4Camille
4:30-5:30 pmhip hop- intermediate VIPsKari
5:30-6:15 pmFitt with TiffTiffany Barnes
5:30-6:30 pmBallet/ Tap 9-11 yr oldsKari
6:30-8:00 pmAdvanced ballet/ pointeKari
8:00-9:00 pmhigh school hip- hopKari
TimeName of ClassTeacher
8:00-9:00 amAdult tapKari
9:00-9:45 amhip hop level 1Kari
10:00-11:00 amhip hop level 3 Kari
10:00-11:00 amBallet TechniqueCarly

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Jun 14 - Jun 25, 2016

Summer classes are starting June 20, 2016. Sign up now by calling 765-438-2304 or send an e-mail to: danceelitekokomo@gmail.com


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